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How Much will a Kitchen Remodel Cost in New York?

It’s no secret that a kitchen remodel is a significant investment. However, in small New York apartments, optimizing a kitchen for space and lighting can greatly enhance daily living. In this guide, we’ve compiled information from multiple credible sources, as well as our own firsthand knowledge of recent kitchen makeovers, to provide average kitchen remodel costs in New York.

In this article we will cover:

National average cost to remodel a kitchen

Zonda Media recently released its 36th annual Cost vs. Value (CVV) report, which details home renovations that yield the most substantial return on investment. The report states that in 2023, the national average cost for a minor kitchen renovation stood at $26,790, while a major kitchen overhaul (upscale) was an average of $154,483.

CityLights Kitchen luxury NYC remodel by MeldNYC
Upscale NYC kitchen remodel by MeldNYC

Average cost to remodel a kitchen in New York

The 36th annual Cost vs. Value (CVV) report found the cost of kitchen remodels in the New England area in 2023 as follows:

Minor Kitchen Remodel in New England: 

  • $27,827 average total cost
  • 3.8% above national average

Major Kitchen Remodel (Midrange) in New England: 

  • $80,795 average total cost
  • 3.6% above national average

Major Kitchen Remodel (Upscale) in New England: 

  • $167,777 average total cost
  • 8.6% above national average

It’s important to note that although New York borders the New England region, it is not considered part of it. Boston, MA, located in New England, ranks as the 10th most expensive city with a cost of living index of 90, while New York, NY, holds the 6th spot at 100. Based on this, you might assume a small increase in the average numbers shared above.

Luxury kitchen renovation at the Arris Lofts in NYC by MeldNYC
Upscale NYC kitchen remodel by MeldNYC

Kitchen remodel cost NYC

In NYC, many firms offer kitchen remodeling services on a cost per square foot basis. Prices will certainly vary depending on the firm you choose and whether you opt for a midrange or upscale renovation. According to HomeGuide, the cost of kitchen remodeling generally ranges from $150 to $250 per square foot, while Forbes reports a broader range of $75 to $250 per square foot.

We find these ranges to be appropriate, as a recent upscale kitchen remodel we just did in NYC cost around $187.50 per square foot.

Kitchen remodel costs

Remodeling a kitchen involves numerous factors that can impact the overall cost. Here are several key considerations that influence the budget:

Design and Build, Multiple Contractors, or DIY: Before we dive into tangible assets like materials, it’s important to determine whether you will hire a full-service design and build firm, engage multiple independent contractors, or undertake the project yourself (DIY). We recommend a full-service design and build firm for several reasons:

  • Simplified Communication: Since the design and construction teams are part of the same company, there is less risk of miscommunication or information being lost between separate entities. This can reduce errors and the resulting costly corrections.
  • Cost Savings: With a single firm managing the entire project, administrative costs may be lower, as you’re not dealing with multiple bids and contracts. Additionally, the design-build firm may offer more cost-effective solutions during the design phase because they understand the construction implications of their designs.
  • Accountability: With a design-build firm, there is a single point of responsibility for the quality, cost, and schedule adherence. This reduces the likelihood of items being overlooked, unaccounted costs, or disputes between designers and contractors over who is responsible for correcting an issue.

Now, on to the tangible considerations of kitchen remodel costs:

  • Size of Kitchen: The square footage of your kitchen directly affects the quantity of materials needed and the labor required, which in turn, influences the total cost. Many design build firms in New York will price your kitchen model by the square foot.
  • Layout Changes: If you plan on changing the layout of your kitchen which might involve moving plumbing, gas lines, or electrical work, this can significantly increase the cost.
  • Quality of Materials: The choice of materials for countertops, cabinets, flooring, and backsplash varies widely in quality and price. High-end materials like granite or quartz countertops will be more expensive than laminate options.
  • Cabinetry: Whether you choose custom, semi-custom, or stock cabinets will have a big impact on cost. Custom cabinetry is the most expensive option, while stock cabinets are generally the most economical.
  • Appliances: High-end appliances, including smart or energy-efficient models, can greatly increase the overall cost of a kitchen remodel.
  • Plumbing and Electrical Work: Any changes or upgrades to the existing plumbing or electrical systems can be costly, especially if the house is older and requires up-to-code installations.
  • Fixtures and Finishes: The selection of sinks, faucets, lighting fixtures, and other finishes can range from economical to very high-end.
  • Backsplash and Tile Work: The cost of tile and the complexity of the design can affect the price. Custom designs and high-end materials will increase costs.
  • Flooring: The choice of flooring material, from vinyl and laminate to hardwood or tile, will affect the budget.
  • Demolition and Disposal: The cost to demolish the old kitchen and dispose of debris and old appliances can also contribute to the overall budget.
Greenwich Village luxury apartment remodel by MeldNYC
Upscale NYC kitchen remodel by MeldNYC

Kitchen Remodel ROI

According to the 36th annual Cost vs. Value (CVV) report in 2023, national averages for the CVV of a minor kitchen remodel were 85.7%, while it was 41.8% for a major kitchen remodel.

The difference between a minor and a major kitchen remodel is likely attributed to the increased costs associated with significant layout changes, such as relocating plumbing, gas lines, or electrical systems, which can dramatically raise expenses. However, in confined spaces like NYC apartments, these alterations may be imperative to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that maximizes both usage and natural light.

Additionally, the 36th annual CVV report has indicated a consistent trend where exterior modifications provide the highest CVV compared to interior renovations. Nevertheless, in NYC, most residents have limited influence over the building’s exterior, making interior upgrades the primary option available.

Finally, it’s important to note that while CVV can be used as a benchmark for ROI, it does not equal ROI.

  • CVV (Cost vs. Value): Specifically relates to the cost of home renovations versus the value those renovations are expected to add to a home when it is resold. It’s expressed as a percentage. A higher CVV percentage suggests a better return in terms of recouped costs at the time of sale.
  • ROI (Return on Investment): A more general financial concept that measures the gain or loss generated on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. ROI is calculated by dividing the net profit from the investment by the original cost of the investment.
Wythe Ave luxury kitchen renovation in New York by MeldNYC
Upscale NYC kitchen remodel by MeldNYC

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