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Kitchen Remodeling in New York

A luxury kitchen in Manhattan

Welcome to MeldNYC, your comprehensive design and build firm in NYC. Our specialty lies in executing luxury kitchen renovations across New York. Start your remodeling journey with a consultation today.

Featured Kitchen Renovations

We’ve transformed luxury kitchens from Wrythe Avenue in Williamsburg to Manhattan and Upstate New York, with our designs emphasizing innovation and eco-friendliness. Browse our featured kitchen renovations below or see all of our work.

Crane Residence luxury kitchen renovation in New York by MeldNYC

Crane Residence

Arris Lofts luxury kitchen renovation in New York by MeldNYC

Arris Lofts

Wythe Ave luxury kitchen renovation in New York by MeldNYC

Williamsburg Loft

Soho luxury kitchen renovation in New York by MeldNYC

Soho Loft

Design and build

As a full-service design and build firm specializing in kitchens, we seamlessly blend design and construction to transform your space from initial concept to stunning completion. This integrated approach saves you time and resources while ensuring flawless communication and coordination throughout your kitchen renovation.

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In the Press

MeldNYC renovated a historic 1914 apartment in Brooklyn, NY, previously home to the Esquire Shoe Polish empire. This noteworthy project was featured in Architectural Digest.

Luxury Kitchen Renovations

At MeldNYC, we are at the forefront of redefining the artistry of kitchen remodeling within the challenging confines of New York’s urban landscape. Our ethos, characterized by a harmonious blend of modern-rustic aesthetics and a minimalist philosophy, guides our approach to each uniquely sophisticated project. As a distinguished architecture and interior design firm, we excel in unveiling the inherent beauty of a building’s structure while thoughtfully integrating the rich cultural and traditional tapestry of its surroundings. This commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability, and respect for historical integrity is especially critical in the transformation of kitchen spaces.

New York City apartments, renowned for their compact dimensions and often limited natural light, present a unique set of challenges that require expert navigation. MeldNYC rises to this occasion with unparalleled expertise and a refined sense of creativity. By prioritizing intelligent design solutions and cutting-edge functionality, we meticulously address the constraints of space and lighting. Our strategic use of sustainable systems and reclaimed materials not only amplifies the aesthetic appeal and utility of these kitchens but also underscores our dedication to eco-conscious living.

In crafting these culinary sanctuaries, MeldNYC employs innovative lighting techniques that not only illuminate but also expand the perceived dimensions of the space, creating an inviting ambiance that transcends physical limitations. Our designs maximize efficiency and flow, ensuring that every inch serves a purpose, without sacrificing the understated elegance and sophistication that define our brand. The result is a bespoke kitchen that stands as a testament to MeldNYC’s ability to harmonize form and function, tradition and innovation, in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.