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At MeldNYC, we transform apartments by blending space efficiency with sustainability, modern design, and personalized style. Get a free estimate for your New York gut renovation when you inquire below.

Luxury Apartment Renovations

Our luxury apartment renovations prioritize innovative and environmentally friendly designs by using sustainable systems and reclaimed materials wherever it is possible. Take a look at some of our featured renovations below.

Design and build

As a full-service design and build firm specializing in New York apartments, we seamlessly blend design and construction to transform your space from initial concept to stunning completion. This integrated approach saves you time and resources while ensuring flawless communication and coordination throughout your apartment renovation.

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In the Press

MeldNYC renovated a historic 1914 apartment in Brooklyn, NY, previously home to the Esquire Shoe Polish empire. This noteworthy project was featured in Architectural Digest.

Gut Renovations in NYC & Brooklyn

At MeldNYC, we elevate the concept of gut renovations to an art form, infusing each project with a level of sophistication and expertise that is unmatched in New York’s architectural landscape. As a premier full-service design and build firm, we specialize in comprehensive overhauls that strip interiors back to their bare bones, allowing for a complete transformation that respects the building’s original character while infusing it with modern luxury and functionality. This meticulous process is particularly pertinent in cities like New York and Brooklyn, where the rich tapestry of history is woven into the very fabric of its buildings. The unique architectural heritage and the diverse stylistic periods represented demand a nuanced approach to renovation—one that MeldNYC is uniquely positioned to provide.

Our deep understanding of both the aesthetic and structural intricacies of buildings from various eras enables us to execute gut renovations that do more than just update a space; they breathe new life into it. By harmoniously blending contemporary design with the timeless elegance of New York’s storied past, we not only meet but surpass the expectations of the most discerning clients. From the historic brownstones of Brooklyn to the iconic skyscrapers that define Manhattan’s skyline, our projects stand as testaments to the transformative power of expertly executed gut renovations. At MeldNYC, we don’t just renovate spaces—we reimagine them, ensuring that every square inch reflects our commitment to elegance, innovation, and sustainability, all while paying homage to the rich history and character that make New York truly unique.

Our approach to bathroom renovation marries innovation with a deep respect for tradition and the intrinsic character of each building we work with. By integrating sustainable design principles, we ensure that each remodel not only enhances the aesthetic and functional value of your space but also pays homage to its unique history and architecture. This commitment to sustainability and elegance ensures that your bathroom is not just a reflection of contemporary luxury but also a testament to timeless sophistication and environmental responsibility. At MeldNYC, your vision is sculpted into reality with an expert touch that celebrates the fusion of past, present, and future, making us the epitome of bathroom remodeling excellence in New York.